Thursday, 7 January 2016

Number Sorting

Happy New Year!

I'm in the full swing of preparing for back to school... More laminating, cutting, sorting, labelling... And I can't wait to get into my classroom in just over a week! I have gone back to basics with some of the new resources that I've made. I have so many literacy resources but I found that some of my basic maths games/activities needed a bit of a revamp with some new clipart and colours. I have made up two new sets of sorting mats for numbers 1 to 10. I made one in a fairly simple form - only counting and numeral recognition required. It has ten frames, the numeral, pictures and tally marks. Click here to go to my TPT Store

The other has those same 4 components however it also includes the number word and MAB blocks. I am hoping to introduce the easier mat in the first week of school and then the other one later in the year. Click Here to go to my TPT Store

As a Back to School Bonus, everything in my store has 15% off until January 11.

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