Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Silly Sentences

My kids have been having lots of fun creating their own version of silly sentences. They enjoy mixing up colours or writing about objects in unusual places or doing unusual things. Even more than writing, they then love illustrating these silly sentences. All year I have been really encouraging them to have a go at drawing - we have provided all sorts of different drawing tools and shapes and colours of paper, but they just haven't been interested. I made up this activity for the kids to be a little creative with. The basis of the sentence is there for them (they just need to read it - great sight word practice) and they need to use their creativity and fill in the blanks. All the cards are laminated and the kids fill in the spaces first before copying the sentence into their books and then doing their illustration. This activity has been incredibly popular and even my kids who wouldn't normally seek out written activities have been having a go.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Questions or Statements?

We have been working a lot on differentiating between questions and statements. I made up this activity as a reinforcement of what we have been learning about. There are 2 header cards (one has a question mark and the other has a full stop) and the kids look at each of the other 16 cards and read the sentences on them. They then decide if it is a question (an asking sentence) or a statement (a telling sentence). They place them into the correct group and then write on the correct punctuation mark using a white board marker. All of the sentences use basic sight words or words that can be sounded out so hopefully this will be a fairly independent activity!
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mickey Mouse Basic Addition

My kids are MAD about Disney at the moment. They have been painting all of the Disney characters and love the Disney music that I play in the room. My preps are starting to become much more confident when adding numbers together up to 10 but I wanted to push them a little bit more to see how they would go to 20. To keep with their Disney madness, I made this game up using their beloved Mickey Mouse ears. The head piece has a numeral on it and there are separate ear pieces which have white dots on it. Their job is to place Mickey's ears on the head with the correct number of dots. Hopefully they will really enjoy this activity.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

O'Clock Bingo

I made up this game to help my kids practice reading o'clock times on digital and analogue clocks. The times on the call cards are written in words which also helps them learn the time in that way as well.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Balloon CVC Match

This is a really simple and usually popular activity that has pictures of CVC objects on balloons. Kids match up the words with the picture. I found this really useful to help my kids break up words into single sounds and to reinforce the vowels.
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Friday, 7 September 2012

Alphabet upper to lower case Bingo

I found that a lot of my kids at the beginning of the year knew either the upper or lower case letters but not both. This was one of the games I made to help them learn to match the upper with the lower case letters. Their bingo card is filled with lower case letters whilst the caller cards are upper case. Instead of reading the letter out, I simply hold it up and then they have to find the corresponding lower case letter on their card.
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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hand Writing Cards

My kids have been working hard on correct letter formation so I decided to make them some handwriting cards to help them practise this skill. I also wanted to introduce them to the concept of writing in red and blue lines as well as the concept of letters having a head, body or tail. I chose words that my kids use a lot in their writing - words that they are always asking me how to spell. I have the words on one side with the picture in a bubble font so they are able to trace over it, then on the reverse side, I have just the blank lines so they are able to have a go at it on their own. So far the kids are loving this activity and they are doing a great job with their letter formation and writing in the lines!
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Word Family Snakes

My kids at the moment love to sound out words when writing. For weeks I have been trying to convince them that if they can write cat, they can also write hat! They still insist on sounding out the words each time though! I decided to make a game where they could sort groups of words into word families so that they could visually see how similar the words are.
In this activity, they create snakes by piecing together chunks of snake that have words printed on them. There are 10 different word families in this set. The head and tail piece give the word family clue to make it a little easier as well.
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Basic Maths Skills

I made a range of these cards to help reinforce basic maths concepts taught to my class. Each card is laminated. Kids answer the questions by clipping a peg on to the card. I placed a small dot on the back of the card to show the correct answer so that they are able to check their own work independently.
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