Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Silly Sentences

My kids have been having lots of fun creating their own version of silly sentences. They enjoy mixing up colours or writing about objects in unusual places or doing unusual things. Even more than writing, they then love illustrating these silly sentences. All year I have been really encouraging them to have a go at drawing - we have provided all sorts of different drawing tools and shapes and colours of paper, but they just haven't been interested. I made up this activity for the kids to be a little creative with. The basis of the sentence is there for them (they just need to read it - great sight word practice) and they need to use their creativity and fill in the blanks. All the cards are laminated and the kids fill in the spaces first before copying the sentence into their books and then doing their illustration. This activity has been incredibly popular and even my kids who wouldn't normally seek out written activities have been having a go.
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