Sunday, 20 December 2015

Initial Sound Sorting


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Every year there are always a couple of kids who seem to need lots of practice listening for and identifying the initial sound in words. This past year was no exception... It didn't matter how many activities I threw their way, they still needed more and more practice. The problem that I had however, was that they stopped identifying the sound and just formed a connection between certain objects and the letter shape - They weren't picking up the concept. So, I took away all of the usual activities with the predictable snake = s, apple = a, and went in search of some new ones.
I found a Build a Sandwich activity on Teachers Pay Teachers which worked a treat! It had different pictures for each sound and I could put out however many sandwich toppings I wanted.

But I needed a couple of other activities to back it up. I made up some initial sound dominoes to match up the picture and sound, some cards to use magnet letters/ scrabble letters to write/identify the initial sound, and a gumball sound sort. Once I put these activities into the rotation, the kids started get more exposure to a range of pictures that began with each sound and slowly, the connection was made between hearing an initial sound in a word and identifying the letter which made that sound.

I have other sets of dominoes that I use in literacy time (cvc words and blends and digraphs) and the initial sound ones were great for the kids in my class who wanted to do what everyone else was doing but weren't yet at the level of reading or sounding out words.

It is so rewarding once they finally make that connection. I'm going to keep an eye out on TPT for more useful activities and will share the link on any that I find.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

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